Episode 5
March 6, 2023

Chad Spencer

In this episode we talk with Joe Fisher, founder and CEO of Bian, a social wellness club in Chicago. We discuss the challenges of launching a company, where Joe is going from here and his most personal battles.

The #5 - Fake One | Test Episode

About Us

We are The CEO Lunch Break.

We are on a mission to uncover the most fascinating stories from business' most successful CEO's. By unearthing these tales, we hope to inspire and motivate our listeners to reach their full potentials and live extraordinary lives.

We have always been intrigued about the lives of CEO's - the incredible risk tolerances, the gutsy decision-making, the unique lifestyle, etc. As we both come into the early stages of our careers, we wanted to sit down and inquire about these interesting facets from the CEOs themselves so as to not forget just how extraordinary our lives can truly be.

Join us as we dig into the lives of some of the most fascinating people around: CEO's. Along the way, find inspiration in the stories of business success and failure, the tales of wild celebrity run-ins, and the other off-the-wall adventures that only CEO's have the opportunity to experience.

It's good to have you here. It's lunch time!

Jade & Alex
Circa October 2022, in Chicago recording our first episodes.

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